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Bayu Krisna Junaedi
Indonesia Managing Director

“Customer service orientation remain the key
challenge to our business. With our visions and execution plans we manage to gain advantages for our continual businesses”

Foto Pak Doni.jpeg
Dony Indriyanto
Project Manager Asia Pacific


"We do work as a family to make a solid team to achieve"


Spray Dry Group can trace it origin back to 1950's when it was first established as a specialist house for Spray Drying application. Today, the name of "Spray Dry Engineering" is synonymous
with professional partnership and service pioneering - a reputation that we have striven hard to achieve.
Our direct operational offices have setup in the regions.
  1. In Singapore, our business HQ and distribution center was first established in Singapore in the early 2010s. We have the strategic advantage of providing efficient and versatile logistic solution to answer the needs of the customers and principals. We had built a strong distributor networks with more than 100 major engineering brands and completed multiple key engineering supplies.
  2. In Malaysia, our sales operation was setup in year 2014 covering Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru.
  3. In Indonesia, our sales operation and engineering Excellence Center was setup in year 2014 and providing localised customer support for the Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan and Maluku Islands


We strart at the planning stage and continue throught to customers satisfaction, encompassing pre-marketing research, strategic planning and execution as well as channels management and distribution support.

(1) Design and Consulting

  • Mechanical Equipment Manufacturer

  • Electrical / Controls commissioning & Start up

  • Civil / Structural


(2) Manufacturing

  • With professional workers, we can do fabricated works from marking, cutting, welding until ready to delivery


(3) Sales Support

  • Our team with combined more than 100 years of industrial knowledges who provide the fast delivery, response & on-site support to our best customers. Below are some customers references.

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